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Best Made Co. Shawl Neck Sweater Coat


This sweater/jacket from Best Made Co. is the best of all worlds – warm and element-resistant, without the bulk of a heavy duty jacket. This one piece could take you through a decent winter, or be layered with a jacket to ward off harsher weather. What drew our attention to this piece is the incredible attention to detail – the subtle timeless colors and red pocket details make this piece stand out. No snippy commnets, just a rock solid piece that will last forever, Made in the USA. Get it here for $389 (yeah that’s expensive, go buy a new sweater, made overseas for $100, and when it burns out and your grand kids don’t want it because grandpa made a bad decision and still wears rags that fell apart decades ago, don’t blame us).


From Best Made Co.

To fend off rain, sleet or snow, to protect through warrens of backcountry thickets, we wear this sweater as a jacket, and take it where no other sweater—and few jackets—will go. Little has changed to the Dehen shawl neck sweater coat since it was first rolled out in the 40s, it’s still made on the same machines, and it’s safe to say no one else is making sweaters this robust now. Working directly with Dehen Knitting Co. in Portland Oregon we made slight adjustments to the fit to enhance the overall performance, we included hidden “Famous Red” pockets and elbow patches, and are proud to present an instant staple to our catalog. Please take our word: in your lifetime this sweater will do the work of at least a dozen, and the expense will be well worth it.

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