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Best Made Elkskin Chopper Mitts

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We know it’s far from winter, and you may not have much wood-chopping in your future, and if you do you probably won’t use these amazing gloves while doing it… BUT we though they were so badass we couldn’t help our selves. $82 available at Best Made.

From Best Made

From the Penobscot down to the Delaware, chopper mitts were once the staple of every outdoorsman and lumberjack in the north east, they provided exceptional warmth and protection for entire days spent in the frigid cold, while allowing the freedom to set a beaver trap, maneuver a tractor, or swing an axe. We chose an American elkskin for our mitts for its near miraculous properties: unlike cow or pigskin, it remains warm even when it’s wet, and you can wash it without consequence. Our choppers are lined with polar fleece, and the plan is that the checkered wool cuff will provide some added flare in the field, and match your Famous Red axe (emblazoned on the label). Made in the USA.

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