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Detroit Bikes – Manufacturing Commuter Bikes For Detroit

In honor of Labor Day, we’d like to share this article from Pacific Standard about Detroit Bikes, a small bike company making commuter bikes in an effort to contribute to Detroit‘s economy and history of manufacturing.

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Detroit is a city with a long history of American manufacturing, from Henry Ford to the Arsenal of Democracy. In case you haven’t read anything about the Motor City in the last 25 years, the economy isn’t what it once was. A state-appointed emergency manager recently declared the city insolvent. I’ll spare you all the rhetoric about the hemorrhaging population, shrinking tax base, and how many other cities could fit in Detroit (OK, fine: Manhattan, San Francisco, and Boston, as the lore goes) and cut to the point: Detroit is a city with a lot of skilled workers looking for work.

And one Canadian is trying to fix that.

Zak Pashak wanted to own a factory ever since The Jetsons. While the 33-year-old Calgary native didn’t set up shop in Orbit City, he did immigrate to every urbanist’s favorite playground, where he opened a 50,000-square-foot bike factory on Detroit’s far west side.

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