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Domke Limited Edition F-206 Rolling Bag

Domke makes the coolest camera bags, hands down. That being said, we were super excited to hear about this limited edition release. I appears to be only be available in the UK, although made in the USA. We have yet to confirm.

From Domke UK

In this particular case of Limited Edition Domke bags, there is a very small quantity of black canvas rolling travel bags ideal for any form of travel but best suited for flying. Manufactured in the US, the F-206 Rolling Bag features an integrated telescoping handle with inbuilt skate wheels, quick lock clips, Shoulder strap with Gripper lining sewn in for non slip and manufactured in the popular black cotton canvas.

The external dimensions for F-206 Rolling Bag are L15.5” x H 13.5” x D 8.5” (L-39.37cm x H-34.29cm x D-21.59cm) We will follow up with internal pictures and dimensions as we receive them but if you would like to pre-order* then please fill out the form below. The price including 20% VAT will be £199.00. Shipping** will be extra depending on location, and when we say “limited” we really do mean limited!

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