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We are big fans of Field Notes, as well as founder and creative director Aaron Draplin, so we thought we’d showcase one of our favorites in their collection, the America the Beautiful Collection. Available for $9.95, complete with free decal,  here.

About the America the Beautiful collection from Field Notes

When you think of FIELD NOTES, two things should be abundantly clear by now: first, obviously, we are obsessed with the design and variety of pocket notebooks of the twentieth century. Second, simply put, we love the U.S.A. The good, the bad, the corny, the deep; all of it. Our commitment to American materials and labor is well known.

As we set out to create the eighteenth COLORS limited edition, we dug into Aaron’s collection of vintage memo books for inspiration, and set out to pay tribute to the cross-country-road-trip spirit of America, via the vibrant full-color aesthetic of the beautifully-roughhewn memo books and road maps of the 1960s.

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