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Field Trip | Danner’s Boot Factory

A Continuous Lean visited the Danner boot factory in Portland and did a great write up.

“For a town that’s oft-plagued by fleeting fads and inexplicable trends, Portland’s shoe industry is surprisingly stoic, acting as a sort of trusty backbone for Stumptown’s diverse population. At the center of this footwear foundation lies Danner Boots, one of the, if not the, oldest shoe brands in the Northwest.

Charles Danner founded his eponymous boot brand in 1932 as a way to provide footwear to the various loggers, hunters, and sportsmen that lived and worked in the area. Over the decades Danner’s business has grown, particularly during the sixties and seventies as their hiking boots became an integral part of that era’s budding outdoor movement. All the while, Danner has kept their production local, producing all most of its boots in their Portland, Oregon factory, which continues to churn out hundreds of thousands of boots every year.”

Read the entire article and see more photos here.

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