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Frost River Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack



We’ve owned a couple of Frost River packs and they are absolutely … Awesome. They are rugged, wear hard, and do a great job at carrying your gear. The folks that work there are incredibly accommodating and put customer service first. Needless to say we got a little excited about the Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack. Buy here.

From Frost River

Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack


The simple adaptability of the Arrowhead Rolltop Pack makes carrying a small bundle, or a large load, a breeze. The design is pared down to only the essentials—no extra pockets, bells or whistles.  If you’re only carrying a little bit, roll the top down to the backstraps and cinch the leather flapstraps to the bag. Need more space to stow some extra gear?  The pack easily expands out of the top to carry more stuff.  An inside zippered compartment keeps small items separated, and outside lash squares offer a spot to attach items to the outside of the bag.  A web loop allows a blinking signal light to be attached and keep a peddler safe while riding at night. Two snaps secure the mouth of the bag.  An internal foam pad is built into the back of the pack to provide comfort.  The cotton web backstraps don’t stretch, and are wide and substantial enough not to roll. The Arrowhead is a canvas commuter pack that really works.

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