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Horween Visits Alden Shoes

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Horween and Alden Shoes have both been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship for many years. Horween recently visited the Alden Shoe Company and provided some amazing photos that give us an inside look into an American classic.

From Horween

[…]In many places in the world the shoe business, and the way shoes are made, has changed.  Leather (or synthetic material) is cut, sewn, lasted, bottomed, and the last is removed.  Very little has changed in Alden’s corner of Middleborough since 1884.  Alden makes Goodyear Welted Footwear, which is complicated, but worth it.

A true Goodyear welt is superior because it allows a piece of footwear to be resoled many times.  This is largely because the shoe upper is attached to a welt (a thin strip of durable leather), which is attached to a midsole, which is then attached to an outsole.  This makes lots of sense, considering a well-made, well-maintained, leather upper will always outlive it’s outsole.

This isn’t the only thing that makes Alden special.  At their factory in Massachusetts things move at the “right” speed.  Shoes are lasted and left on the last for several days and everything is meticulously finished – from polishing backstays to clipping extra threads.  The process of making these shoes happens at a pace which allows for the manufacture of some of the finest quality production footwear in the world.

See more photos here

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