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Leffot X Alden Natural Chromexcel Chukka and Indy Boots

Crafted_American_Alden_Chukka_Indy_Boots_Leffot_Natural_Horween_Chromexcel_Main_2 Crafted_American_Alden_Chukka_Indy_Boots_Leffot_Natural_Horween_Chromexcel_Main_1

Add another one to the top of your never in your life will you get your hands on these wish list. Possibly the new grail of all boot grails – these Natural Horween Chromexcel Alden Chukka and Indy Boots made exclusively for Leffot WERE available for pre-order for a very short time. You can try to get a pair here, otherwise we’ll see you on ebay in a couple of months.

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