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Otter Wax Deluxe Leather Care Kit

If you are serious about your leather, you are meticulous about it’s care. Yeah, part of the joy of leather is watching it age, but that is only half of the complete leather experience. Care is critical as well – not the over do it kind where you put tons of crap on your veg tan to make it look 10 years old when it’s 10 days old – but proper cleaning, conditioning and protection that will help your cherished leather goods last a lifetime. The Deluxe Leather Care Kit from Portland, Oregon based Otter Wax will help you do just that. Get it from them for $42.95.

From Otter Wax:

Get all 3-Steps to our leather care system: CLEAN, CONDITION, & SHINE. The Deluxe Leather Care Kit also comes with our own 100% Horsehair Buffing Block with an oiled mahogany handle! When it comes to caring for your old, dehydrated leather, it’s always important to Clean, Condition, and Shine. This custom burlap bag contains the three items you’ll need to ensure that your leather stays supple, healthy, and waterproof.

A little bit more about our 3-Step approach to caring for leather. Use our Saddle Soap to gently clean your leather and remove stains. Follow with our Leather Salve to moisturize your leather as it restores oils, revives suppleness, and repairs cracking from dehydration. Lastly, our Leather Oil is a quick way to revive the natural shine of your leather with a deep-conditioning combination of flaxseed oil, vitamin-e, and our proprietary blend of all-natural essential oils. All Leather Care Samplers come in a custom-printed burlap bag.


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