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Redbeard Beer Soap


Every guy has, at least once, thought to himself “I wish I could bathe in beer“. Well, your dream can now be a reality. Redbeard makes artfully crafted soap made out of, at least partially, beer. If you want to get ultra-deluxe-beer-clean and feel even more manly with a handcrafted wooden 6 pack box, you can get this for a mear $90 on their website. Cheers.

From Redbeard:

A gift pack of six of our brew bars:

The Original India Pale Ale Brew Bar
The Woodsman’s India Pale Ale Brew Bar
The Peppermint Porter Brew Bar
The Lavender Saison Brew Bar
The Old Porter Brew Bar
The Hard Mulled Cider Brew Bar

We’ll package ’em all nice and pretty in…

One of our handcrafted wooden six-pack carriers.

It’s a solid pine, nail-free, work of love, this one.

Redbeard burned an antler and “rb” (For “Redbeard,” in case you wondered.) into one corner of these. Simple, rustic, and interesting.

They hold six bottles of your homebrew or favorite craft beer. (Note: The squatty bottles fit five instead of six.) Take it to tailgate parties, barbeques, whatever, and show this joker off.

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