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Shinola Featured on CBS News

If you’ve been hunting around the men’s style side of the internets, it’s no mystery that Shinola is featured just about everywhere. They’ve done a great job bringing attention back to Detroit, and an even better job marketing their name on just about every item that’s driving the Made in the USA movement. This is not without controversy though! There are some that feel that Shinola is only using the “Made in USA”, specifically “Made in Detroit”, tag line as a marketing ploy to build on the backs of one of America’s most struggling cities. The thought here being that although Shinola contributes to jobs (often items only assembled in Detroit, not actually made there), their high-end products are not attainable by the typical Detroit dweller. Menswear blog Fourpins is at the center of this controversy, and one of their writers Jon Moy has a lengthy but thoughtful article on the subject (read it here). In the true spirit of Made in the USA, it’s important to keep a watchful eye, and make sure the brands who seem to be driving this important movement are in fact contributing to it, not siphoning from it. This video shows both perspectives.

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