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The Build Film

Portland Oregon’s Instrument creative studio has released an intriguing and inspiring film project showcasing 3 independent motorcycle makers, called The Build. View it here.

About The Build

“A labor of love has been released into the wild. As some of you might’ve noticed, motorcycles have been an apparent theme at the Outpost recently, from The One Moto Kickstarter to the DCB750.

Our new digital craft project, titled The Build, is an interactive film documentary about three independent bike builders—Thor Drake, Casey Him and James Crowe.

What makes this short film unique is that it pairs traditional filmmaking with interactive experiences that push the envelope of browser technologies like webGL and HTML5 video. We crafted a site that plays web video and includes heaps of animation without using any Flash. It is a continuous effort at Instrument to explore how storytelling can be amplified using emerging technologies.

You can experience our new release at Over the next several weeks we’ll also be releasing photography, video and crew interviews on our various social channels. Some of our team members chimed in below with favorite moments and insight into what it was like working on The Build.”

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