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Crafted_American_Tom_Bihn_The_Guides_Pack_2 Crafted_American_Tom_Bihn_The_Guides_Pack_1

There is a lot attention being paid to bag brands born in the 2000’s that rip vintage 70’s designs. Then there are brands like Tom Bihn who’ve been making great bags since the 1970’s, right here in the USA, who’s style and product design span decades. So when Tom Bihn has a retro piece or two in their line, respect should be paid to the heritage that gives them the authenticity to draw from the roots of modern day mountaineering. Enough of the poetic waxing – the Guide’s Pack seen here features the best of the new and old, not to mention that it’s customizable with additional pockets, straps, and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Get it here starting at $240.

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