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United By Blue Handmade Axes


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These handmade axes by United by Blue are true works of art. Partnering with designers and explorers, they’ve released a few of these very limited axes for the rest of us to enjoy. Granted, if you actually need an axe, you’ll have the coolest one in the woods. If you live in a loft in Brooklyn, these make a fine piece of wall art. Get them here for $165.

About the axes from United by Blue:

A serious camping axe with a story that starts in North Carolina. In 1886 John Picket Council started a tool manufacturing company with a focus on quality and innovation. Manufacturing exclusively out of their US headquarters, Council Tool is still family owned and continues to make some of the best axes in the world. The Explorers Axe features a solid hickory wood handle with a 2 lb. Hudson Bay-style axe head perfect for splitting, chopping, or driving in tent pegs.

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