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Video: Shorts on Sundays – Sign Painters

Hand-painted signs are a dying art. The craftsmen/artists that paint these signs have forever impacted the visual landscape of the USA. Each sign possesses a beauty of it’s own, as well as a little bit of the soul of the painter and business owner. This video gives a look inside this art form.

From the video makers:

Meet the vanguards peppering the urban spaces and grand vistas of America with colorful typography in this atmospheric short film Sign Painters, a special edit of a feature-length documentary shot by Sam Macon and Faythe Levine. The filmmakers journeyed across different states including Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle and Minnesota, zooming in on the lost and found art of hand-lettered sign painting and the enriching impact the artists have on public spaces. Featuring emerging creatives and more experienced artists with over five years crafting experience, Levine and Macon met such characters as the mustachioed Mike Meyer from Minnesota, Seattle’s Sean Barton who is both a sign and fine artist and the next generation of enthusiastic painters, including Marjory Garrison from Echo Park, Los Angeles. “The first move we made was to travel to the Pacific Northwest and meet a couple of painters,” explains Macon of the film’s beginnings in 2010, before the project evolved into a book with a foreword from Ed Ruscha, himself a former sign maker. “Not only were there a lot of working sign painters out there, there’s a tendency towards them being wonderful storytellers.”

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